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Rexall Pharmacy


Rexall™, Pharma Plus, Rexall™ Pharma Plus, The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy, Guardian and I.D.A. pharmacies across Canada are part of the Rexall™ family all dedicated to the best possible pharmacy care focused on your health and medication. With more than 1,100 pharmacies in the Rexall™ family, a Rexall™ family pharmacist is always nearby to answer your health and medication questions.

Many believe the Rexall™ name was derived from the words "Rx to all", or "pharmacy care to all" and since Rexall™ Drug Stores were found in most communities across Canada, these words held true. Today, the Rexall™ sign continues to be a symbol of the trusted and personalized care of the Rexall™ Drug Store pharmacists that are part of the Rexall™ family of pharmacies.

In 2004, Katz Group Canada unveiled its first new concept Rexall™ Drug Store in Edmonton, Alberta. This new concept format features leading-edge pharmacy design and state-of-the-art technology. One year following the Edmonton Grand Opening more than 40 Rexall™ and Rexall™ Pharma Plus new concept stores have opened across Canada. There are plans to expand the new format even more aggressively in years to come.

  • Phone: 604.932.4251
  • Location: 4212 Village Square, Whistler, BC, Canada V0N 1B4
  • Website: http://www.rexall.ca

Phone: 604.932.4251

Website: http://www.rexall.ca

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